It’s no real surprise that my first real blog post is about Pho.

Being mildly food obsessed and having developed a deep and long lasting love for the venerable Vietnamese soup Pho, I always look forward to trips to San Francisco as it gives me the opportunity to sample some of the best examples on offer without leaving North America. Although I love everything about being an east coast dweller and a Brooklynite in particular, regrettably the level of mastery of this delightful dish in the commercial eateries of New York is quite poor.

So you can imagine how magnified my anticipation of coming to WWDC 2012 is knowing that I get to continue my mad quest for a superior broth in between pursuing my mad lust for technology.., and the occasional drink.

I’ve always been a wonderer so my method of finding a great meal has always been to hit the street and see what looks good. I trust my own eyes and nose more than I do reviews so true to form I usually follow some inner culinary compass and ordinarily find my way to some delicious corner of any city I find myself in. Back when I first visited San Francisco I didn’t keep good food notes, but with a decent sense of direction and google maps I managed to recall that I stumbled upon Turtle Tower Restaurant one bright afternoon and wasn’t disappointed. Beyond the locals only crowd and predominantly Vietnamese clientele (at least that was the case back then) it was clear that I had found a good representation by smell alone.

This trip there won’t be as much wondering or guess work. My wife was gracious enough to do some restaurant scouting for me and found what looks like a few gems I can’t wait to try. I will hopefully be able to get to a few of them this week, and if so hopefully they will rise to the level that I will be inspired to write about them.

In the mean time perhaps you can help me out. What’s your favorite Pho place on the West Coast? Preference will be given to places in the San Francisco area. Act quickly! I only have a week.