This site is a collection of stories of my life and adventures in travel, dining, entrepreneurship.

I started keeping a diary a few years ago to improve the way that I think. It’s no secret that writing exercise parts of the brain that other activities don’t. I figured I might need those parts some day. This blog is just an extension of that thought process. I’ll figure out its direction as I go along.., and if you’re lucky.., you might too.

I love life and everything that comes with it. Particular favorites include family, sailing (racing!), shooting, food, travel and coding.


I’m a Programmer and Entrepreneur living and working in Brooklyn NY.

Founder of: Company No. 1We make software that fits your mobile lifestyle.  Our début product is Place Marker an App that helps foodies and travelers plan and organize their exploits.  Like us on Facebook for updates on product availability.  Follow us on twitter for a chance to try the App before it becomes publicly available.



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